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Tuima by JuhaniViitanen

My first impression is that the bowl steals the limelight. Even though the bird is the focal point and is nice and clear, it is overwhelmed by the orange cage and brightness of the bowl. His eye peering out at you does make an impression, but the impact of his isolation is lost. Also, not sure that the square cropping is the best choice. Without seeing the original, I prefer a rectangular format with a lighter color showing on the left side of the picture. That cage is rather "in your face" and overwhelming. The spacing of the bars in front of the bird is good, a piece of each part of it is well shown. The texture of the feathers is lovely. Cage leveled well within the picture. It's an "ok" picture, but not one I'd choose to purchase to display on my walls.
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JuhaniViitanen Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012  Professional Photographer
Thank you!
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